Company Introduction

Ruhlamate automation technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "julamate Changchun") was founded in 2015, located in Changchun national high tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a joint venture established by China Machine Test Equipment Co., Ltd. and julamate, a global leader in automation industry, with automation assembly technology as the core, High tech enterprises committed to digital intelligent manufacturing equipment, 50% in China and 50% in Germany, aiming to provide users of various industries with overall solutions for automation products.

As a part of the global enterprise of juramat, it has become a leader in the field of automatic assembly, a well-known manufacturer in the domestic automation industry, a domestic automatic assembly line industrialization base, and an experienced R & D and innovation team. It has formed a complete industrial value chain with core technology, core components, leading products and industry system solutions, and will fight the industrial war It is slightly upgraded to the whole process of digital and intelligent manufacturing covering the whole life cycle of products.

With its world leading design concept, years of experience and deep understanding of the production site, juramate (Changchun) constantly meets customers' pursuit of product diversification and high quality.


ruhlamat automation technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd
NO 1118,YuedaRoad, Hi-Tech Zone, Changchun China