2020 grand ceremony: gathering dream

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2020 grand ceremony: gathering dreams and creating brilliance


The seasons run like a stream. The golden mouse exulted.


We will stride beyond 2019, where we will forge ahead, to 2020, when we will be 100 times confident. Juramate (Changchun) held a grand annual meeting in Yunuo hotel. Everything is ready for good. In the happy music, the host's opening words opened the curtain of the annual meeting.

First of all, greetings and blessings from Suzhou headquarters. Chairman Bai, general manager Liang and general manager Ge respectively reviewed the past and looked forward to the future, and affirmed the hard work and fruitful achievements of all staff of Changchun company. After watching the video, the on-site staff were encouraged.

Next, Shao Yanxiang, general manager of juramate (Changchun) company, reviewed the storm and harvest in 2019, and looked forward to the expectation and direction in 2020.

With the key words of "growth", "struggle", "channel" and "encounter" as the core, president Shao elaborated the tests and gateways that enterprises and individuals must experience in the development process, as well as the nutrition and gains that will be drawn in the process. Mr. Shao asked everyone to write with these key words to see who is talented and who is rich in learning. Finally, the project manager Yin Yue's "all you ask is what you want" won everyone's praise.

All you want is what you want -- Yin Yue

Life is to "meet" a better self in the constant "growth", to pursue together with those who have dreams in a higher and more distant place, and to "struggle" together, which is called "good luck in life" like spring breeze "; thank you for the broad life, thank those who are on the same" channel "with me, so that I can see a better past and a more promising future This means that we can go with you in every step of the way. But if we don't "push" each other through life, how can we know that "growth" won't come easily? We hope that we can shine in the future, and we also hope that the company will be as constant as the moon and as rising as the sun. A better "corporate culture" can achieve those who are more pursuing excellence. Only together can better people gather into a force, and people can do their best to form a high transmission "bandwidth" ”, and then achieve more efficient operation and management, and achieve a better tomorrow, which means that everyone can use it to achieve great success. If you can see it as you want, everything you want is as you wish. I wish you a wonderful song tonight, and you can't stop dancing properly. In the new year, you are the best at "rat".

Such a happy annual meeting, of course, can not be less singing and dancing performances. In normal times, serious colleagues have shown the side of the entertainment public here, and the atmosphere is very warm.

Intense stimulation, happy and funny games let us wash away the pain and fatigue of a year, and progress smile.

At the same time of enterprise development, we should also bear the social responsibility. On the spot of the annual meeting, the company launched a donation to sun Yuhua, a good man in Jilin Province. We all actively participated in the donation, and understood that while achieving our own value, we should also give warmth to others, which is called "reaching and benefiting the world"


Finally, regardless of the changes in the situation, I am determined to go all the way, and ruramat (Changchun) will certainly do it.



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