ruhlamat (Changchun) 2019 baimuyuan

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ruhlamat (Changchun) 2019 baimuyuan outing

Original ruhlamat RCC ruhlamat Changchun May 12, 2019

The spring is silent and cherishes the trickle,

The shade of the tree shines on the water, and the sun shines.

It's Xiaohe who has a sharp point,

A dragonfly has long been standing on its head.

Poetry recitation of Xiaochi

Performer: Mengmeng

The water in front of the tea mill is like moss, and the team of the red make-up team goes back for a walk.

People are intoxicated by the fragrance of clothes and flowers, and butterflies and bees come to the face.


Performer:ruhlamat (Changchun) 2019 baimuyuan outing. -- team, with automation assembly technology as the core, committed to digital intelligent manufacturing equipment, aiming to provide users of various industries with overall solutions for automation products

There is a brilliant and gorgeous sun in the sky, a gentle and refreshing breeze, and lilac flowers with fragrant fragrance. In early summer, it's a song, a song of "rarely heard back".

On May 11,ruhlamat (changchun)'s annual outing came as scheduled. The venue of this activity is baimuyuan in Changchun, a 3.37-kilometer outing route and a green oxygen bar in the city center.

The activities include hiking in the park, general manager's speech, introduction of new employees, interactive games and outdoor picnic. This Saturday is a little hard won. You must have been looking forward to a complete physical and mental relaxation for the six consecutive working days ahead.

Because of the worry that there are many activities in the park, several little friends have arrived at the scene at five o'clock in the morning, and they should be greatly praised here!

Hike in the park, take photos of route nodes and send them to friends circle, collect praise and win prizes. Look at the first prize screenshot. It's popular!

At the beginning of 2018, our Changchun team totaled 36 people. As of May this year, in less than a year and a half, we have increased to 74. ruhlamat  (Changchun) is a team full of energy. With fresh blood flowing, we are bound to build a respected leading enterprise with sustained and stable growth in the field of automation.

Close your eyes to touch mahjong, this is a very hot link, watching the game is to watch the performance. It has to be said that Mr. Yuan's strength is manifested in all aspects!


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